10 in 1 Professional IC Chip Demolition CPU Repair Tools kits Remover Repair for iPhone 8/7/6S/X/6 Plus

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– Proffesional repair tool set for Phone CPU disassemble, Such as remove A9 A8 CPU.
– With heat resistance, low temperature, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, toughness.
– For BGA repair,dismantling phone CPU chip and phone repair.
– It can be used to separate the welding spot.
– One handle and 10 pcs slice in different shape.
– Material: Aluminium Alloy
– Handle length: 132mm/5.20inch
– Color: Silver
– Quench: 780°~820° (Cold water)
– Starting temperature: 1000°~1050°
– Termination temperature: 850°
– Quench temperature: 730°~760°(water, water and oil or Alkali bath cooling)
– Quench hardness: 57HRC
– Temper temperature: 160°~180°
Package Included:
1 x Metal Remover Tool
1 x 10 Pieces Metal Slice

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